FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System V4880 #V4880-071

RM 1599.00

Keep food fresh up to five times longer*

Measurement : 56cm x 24cm x 30cm Weight : 7.00 kg

The amazing features of the vacuum sealer will delight you as well as enhance the ability of your kitchen. When you have the vacuum sealer, you can save both time of cooking and money. As you can store food, there will be no wastage. As a result, you can save the cost. Moreover, you can cook and seal extra food for the next day.

Heat seal roll

The opportunity for custom sized vacuum seal bags can be a great help when it comes to reducing waste – if you’re only vacuum sealing a relatively small amount then you end up using even less storage space in your refrigerator freezer (removing air can only do so much when you have a large amount of unnecessary plastic).

Automatic two vacuum speeds

It’s great to not have to remember to adjust between moist and dry foods (as I’m sure we would because let’s face it we’re often easily distracted when we carry out an action we’ve already carried out ten times), or to have to remember which vacuum speed correlates to which food type.

Rapid marinate mode

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your marinades a lot more quickly, to save time in either the mornings and or the evenings, then look no further than at the FoodSaver V4880 – with the opportunity to marinate in an airtight environment, your food picks up the flavour, and consequently intensifies it, that much faster.

In the box

Heat seal vacuum roll x1 (0.28mx3m)
Heat seal bags x5 (0.94 litres)
Ziplock bags x5 (0.94 litres)
Lunch and left-over 2pcs/set x1