Dyson Lighting CU-Beam Duo 3000k Silver

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Powerful, precise light at work. The right light in the right place.

Measurement : 83cm x 23cm x 21cm Weight : 7.00 kg

Combined up and down light with full flexible control.

Alters to suit changing needs throughout the day.

Fully flexible, controlled light

A custom-built driver gives full control over the split and strength of dimmable up and down-light, to suit every task.

Powerful up and down-lighting

Combined, the two high-power LEDs can project 9400 lumens (at 4000K). Heat pipe technology cools the LEDs to optimise longevity, without loss of brightness.

Maximised efficiency, with no waste

Ricochet™ technology converts unused down-light into up-light, so no light – or power – is wasted.

Controlled pyramid of down-light

Mounted at 1.3m above the task area, the down-light projects 722lx evenly over an area of 3.2m x 1.6m.

Two correlated colour temperatures

Cu-Beam Duo suspended lights are available in 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures.

Glare and flicker control

One-touch shutters hide glare from users’ line of sight and reduce glare to below 1%.

Light, precisely where you need it

Two custom-engineered lenses and adjustable one-touch shutters precisely focus the two high-power LEDs.

Wide distribution of up-light

Suspended at 400mm from the ceiling, the up-light illuminates evenly over an area of 4m.

High efficacy

Heat pipe technology effectively cools the Cu-Beam™ Duo light, so it can run at 107lm/W (3000K) / 113lm/W (4000K).