FoodSaver Vacuum Processor Food Sealer #FFS016X-01

RM 899.00

Keep food fresh up to five times longer*

Measurement : 45cm x 21cm x 28cm Weight : 5.00 kg

The FoodSaver S016 Vacuum Sealing System that preserves the freshness and quality of your food, reduces waste and helps you save on your weekly food budget. Vacuum sealing removes the air and extends the freshness of food stored in the freezer, refrigerator and cupboards.


Features a progress indicator light and automatic vacuum and seal operation function

Bag detection

Detect your bag automatically, providing an easy-to-operate hands free experience

Removable drip tray

Features removable drip trays for an effortless clean that is also dishwasher safe

In the box

Heat seal vacuum roll x1 (0.28mx3.04m)
Heat seal bags x5 (0.94 litres)
Heat seal bags x5 (3.78 litres)
Accessory hose x1