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ONEPWR Spotless Go Hose and Tool

RM 164.00
RM 164.00
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ONEPWR Spotless Go Hose and Tool

A replacement hose and tool for your machine.

This replacement hose and tool is compatible with the following models:

Vas ONEPWR Spotless GO

Introducing Vax ONEPWR

The Vax SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer is powered by the revolutionary ONEPWR 2.0Ah battery, our interchangeable battery technology.

Spills and Stains? Just Grab and Go

With the Vax SpotlessGo, you’ll always be ready to deal with unexpected spills and stains quickly and easily. SpotlessGo gets to work fast on your carpets, hard floors, upholstery, or car interior, plus, combined with Vax ONEPWR multi-floor solution, kills over 99% of bacteria at the same time.


Removable ONEPWR Battery

The Vax SpotlessGo comes with a revolutionary 2.0Ah battery, which can easily be removed and charged separately from the product.

Easy to Carry and Use

The Vax SpotlessGo is cordless and lightweight, meaning you can make light work of tackling unexpected spills and messes throughout the home.

Remove over 99% of Bacteria

Together with the ONEPWR Multi-Floor Solution, the Vax SpotlessGo will not only help to tackle stains, but also remove over 99% of bacteria.

Active Jet Spray

The Active Jet Spray helps you target the water and antibacterial solution on any unwanted stains and additional attachments allow you to use the SpotlessGo across multiple surfaces.

Pour the Dirt Away

Simply remove the dirty water tank from the Vax SpotlessGo and pour the dirt away. Leave your home looking clean and smelling fresh.

Compact for Easy Storage

Its lightweight and compact design mean the Vax SpotlessGo can be stored away easily, being ready to go when you need it.


ONEPWR Spotless Go Hose and Tool
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