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3M Scotchgard Stainless Steel Cleaner (17.50z/495g)

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Product Description:
• 2-in-1 Cleaner: cleans your stainless-steel surfaces and helps defend against future smudges and fingerprints
• Cleans and polishes in one easy step
• Provides a long-lasting, streak-free shine
• Removes and resists fingerprints and smudges
• Ideal for refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, grills and other stainless-steel appliances
• Helps keep your stainless-steel surfaces looking newer, longer
• No-drip, foam formula for easy, mess-free application

Product Applications (Use on Things Like): Refrigerators, Ovens and Microwaves, Outdoor Grill

Direction to use:
1. Shake: Shake can well.
2. Position: Hold the can upright, 6’’ to 12’’ away from the surface.
3. Spray: Lightly spray directly onto the surface or onto a cloth (always use a clean, soft, dry cloth).
4. Wipe: Wipe area until the surface is uniformly polished.

• Frequently asked questions
1. How often should I use Scotchgard™ Stainless Steel Cleaner?
- Use Scotchgard™ Stainless Steel Cleaner whenever your stainless steel is smudged or soiled. If you’re taking advantage of the protection from smudges and fingerprints that Scotchgard™ Stainless Steel Cleaner adds, use it whenever you clean.

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3M Scotchgard Stainless Steel Cleaner (17.50z/495g)
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