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Blue 3610 Pre-filter

Air Purifier Accessories
RM 80.00
Color :
Archipelago Sand
Aurora Light
Night Waves
Arctic Trail
Winter Reed
RM 80.00
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Form & function

  • The fabric pre-filter extends the life of the primary filter, catching large airborne particles such as dust, lint, pollen, and pet hair. And the color can be customized to fit your space. 

Customizable Pre-Filters

  • The colorful fabric doubles as a pre-filter, catching large particles and extending the life of the primary filter.
  • Simply vacuum the fabric or toss it in the washing machine whenever it needs cleaning.
  • Go without the pre-filter altogether for a clean Scandinavian look.
  • Five available color options; Arctic Trail, Winter Reed, Archipelago Sand, Aurora Light, and Night Waves.


Filter Type Fabric pre-filter 100% polyester, stretch panel 94% polyamide 6% spandex
Dimensions (H x W D) 575 x 5 x 330 mm 
Number if Filter
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