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DustMagnet™ 5440i

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RM 2,499.00
RM 2,499.00
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Real-time in-app filter tracking

Feature helps to eliminate unnecessary filter replacement with accurate and custom lifetime tracking via an algorithm. Remaining filter life is estimated based on air quality conditions. Generally, recommended filter replacement is between 6-12 months with genuine Blueair filter.

Advanced Sensors & Unique in-app features

Welcome Home features save you time and conserves energy by automatically turning the unit on and off as you come and go to ensure clean air when entering your home. In-app 'Clean Air ETA' feature counts down time to clean air.

Uses color to update you on air quality

Always know the room's air quality with just a glance. AN air quality indicator (AQI), located on the front of the air purifier uses a five-color LED to indicate conditions measured by its particle sensor

Maximum Filtration. Minimum Noise. 

Only Blueair air purifiers use HEPASilent™ technology, delivering maximum filtration with minimum noise. This dual filtration technology pioneered by Blueair combines electrostatic charging of particles and mechanical filtration along with a unique filter designed to produce more clean air, cleaning your air much faster and more quietly than traditional HEPA filtration alone.

Captures 99.99% of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) in a 1,280ft³ room*

*Dust Magnet 5400 series tested to remove SARS-COV-2 in a 1280ft³ chamber, in 60 mins on high. Performed under standard laboratory conditions and actual performance may vary. Not proven to kill SARS-COV-2 or prevent transmission of COVID-19.


Additional features

Blueair plug icon

Energy Star rated for efficiency

This certified air purifier uses less energy than an average LED lightbulb (about 10 W) at 4W on the lowest setting and up to 22W on high. Confidently run it for quality air 24/7.

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Smart device compatible

Use voice control on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices, or the Blueair app, to conveniently do everything from changing your purifier's settings, to putting it in auto mode.

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Automatically adjusts to changing conditions

In Auto mode your air purifier will automatically increase fan speed when pollution levels rise in your indoor environment and return to a slower speed once the air is clean.

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Night mode supports better sleep quality

Add dB so it reads as following: "When in night mode, your DustMagnet air purifier disables features you don't need while sleeping. This includes the Air Quality Indicator LED light and adjusting to a whisper-quiet low speed of 23dB.

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Particle and Carbon Combo-Filter

The DustMagnet™ main filters do not only have a particle filter to remove dust and other fine particles, they also contain carbon particles integrated throughout the filter media to effectively trap VOCs, chemicals, and light household odors from pets, cooking, smoking, and more.​ There are two filters, placed each at the top and bottom of the air purifier to ensure optimal removal.

    Dimensions 650 x 290 x 290 mm
    Product Weight 6.8 kg
    Energy Consumption 7 - 42 Watts
    Sound Level  30 - 49 dB(A)
    Air Outlet Side
    Recommended Filter Change 6 - 12 months
    Recommended Room Size 356 sqft
    Air Changes per Hour (ACH) 4.8
    Number of Filters 2
    Clean air delivery rate (CADR) Pollen: 255 cfm
    Clean air delivery rate (CADR) Dust: 240 cfm
    Clean air delivery rate (CADR) Smoke: 230 cfm


    DustMagnet™ 5440i
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