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SmokeStop Filter for Pro Series

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RM 450.00
RM 450.00
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Activated carbon captures gases and odors

Blueair SmokeStop™ filters have a highly porous structure made of activated carbon to trap gases and odors. Stack the Carbon+ filter on top of your Pro Particle or SmokeStop filter for an added layer of activated carbon protection. The coconut carbon pellets absorb gases, including those caused by off-gassing, volatile organic compounds (VOC), smog, chemicals, and odors.

Eliminate smoke and odors

The SmokeStop™ is specifically designed for environments with heavy gaseous pollutants, such as smoke, odors, and harmful VOCs. Approximately 2-6 lbs (depending on the unit) of activated carbon, formulated with magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, work in the form of hundreds of pellets to trap dangerous chemicals and annoying odors.

Genuine Performance, Superior Quality

Unlike generic look-a-likes, genuine Blueair replacement filters are specifically designed to maintain superior performance over time and ensure your warranty remains intact.


Replacement is easy

When it's time to replace your filter (about every six months), start by unplugging your air purifier. Remove the air intake grate on the right-hand side to access the filter. Pull the tabs on either side of the used filter together to close it like a book and remove it. Insert a new filter, opening it like a book inside in the air purifier - the sides should snap into place. Replace the air intake grate and plug it back in. Easy.

Effective against:

 Electrostatic Cling
  • Airborne particles pass through a chamber of the Blueair air purifier to get electrically charged before passing through the gradient structure of our filters.
  • The charge causes the polluted particles to adhere effortlessly to the filter media, capturing even fine particles such as tobacco smoke.
Traps Particles for Good
  • The gradient structure of Blueair filters traps particles of all sizes while maintaining maximum airflow.
  • It resists clogging and won't re-release particles back into the air, even when the filter is heavily loaded.
  • Blueair filter media is ultrasonically bonded to prevent filter fibers and other particles from being added back into your environment.
  • The only thing that comes out of our filters is clean air!
Activated Carbon Captures Gases and Odors
  • Blueair SmokeStop™ filters have a highly porous structure made of activated carbon to trap gases and odors.
Naturally Antibacterial
  • The naturally antibacterial polypropylene fibers in Blueair filters prevent bacteria and mold growth, so our filters never put bacteria and mold back into the air.
Environmentally Friendly
  • Blueair filters save energy thanks to it low dense design and the fact that less pressure is needed to push air through the filters.
  • Our filters are also recyclable, so the only thing you’re adding back into the environment is clean air.
Whisper Silent
  • Due to the use of both electrostatic and mechanical filtration, the filter media in Blueair filters is less dense than comparable media.
  • Lower density enables air to move through the filter at a lower pressure, so you get high performance with whisper-silent delivery of clean air.
SmokeStop Filter for Pro Series
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